Le Parcel: Feminine Hygiene Products Right to Your Door

8 Jan

So thanks to Le Parcel tampon/pad deliveries are a thing now… and I am thrilled!

You can have magazines, contacts, drugs (in their various forms), food and pretty much everything else delivered right to your door – so why not feminine hygiene products?

Sometimes I get so busy I forget that my period’s coming until it’s too late, I have one tampon left and then I have to figure out when/where I’m going to get some more. We’ve all been through this at some point but with this new service, hopefully, that’ll be a thing of the past.

Le Parcel

Receive tampons, maxi pads… and even chocolate by mail.

With the option to choose when (before or on your start date)  and even receive some chocolates to go along with your package – the inconvenient necessity of having your period can be just a little easier.

Especially in the winter.

Check it out!

Know Your Body.

11 Jul
ACTION Magazine (October 1954) -- remember tha...

ACTION Magazine (October 1954) — remember that no woman is AVERAGE … (Photo credit: marsmet462)


I once got fired from a job because of my period. True story. I happened to be running on time, when I had to be running early for work because I had to go to two different pharmacies. Why? To find the right cocktail of Ibuprofen and Methocarbamol (Robax) and make sure to get the right combination of tampon with the longest thinnest overnight maxi pad there is. I was 2 mins and 43 secs late. When I explained my harrowing ordeal, I looked up expecting to see a woman with understanding in her eye but all I saw was the cold look of harsh judgement. In my naïvety I actually thought that another woman would understand because surely if she hadn’t gone through it, then someone she knew had. Wrong.

Another woman had once told me that my pain wasn’t so bad, that it was just “a dull pain”. Thanks for your opinion but next time you open your mouth to tell me how I Feel… Just Shut The Fuck Up!

I’ve also had a nurse tell me that I don’t bleed more than normal that “every woman bleeds the same amount- about 2 tablespoons.” Which I can say for a fact is not true; I’ve known girls who use as little as lite’s during their periods, some who have changed professions just so that they could be at home and close to a bathroom and then there are those that are ‘normal’ and get by with those cute little regular/ lite combo boxes of tampons. Oh to be one of those lucky vixens.

But me and my friends though- It’s nothing but super plus and maxi’s the whole way through. (Which in itself isn’t good, have you ever taken the time to read the pamphlet that’s in the box- scary stuff when that’s what you’re relying upon.)

I have never had a happy period but thanks anyway.

I have also never had a doctor seemed concerned, asked follow-up questions or refer me to a Gyno when I mention how heavy my flow is or how unbearable my cramps are. Terrible doctors? Yes. But I’ve come to learn some truths over my short time:

The doctor is not always right.

Always try to get a referral if you don’t feel satisfied.

It’s ok to want a better doctor and, in fact you, should demand it.

Some women have much heavier and I’ll just say it, hellish periods than others.

That some women are going to be made their uterus’ bitch, at least once a month, and that most men and too many women aren’t going to believe them and in fact look down on them because of it.

Why I’m really seeing red on this topic, is that through my debacle with doctors, I’ve noticed a real aire of lawlessness from the medical profession with regards to women’s health. There are things we should be looking out for but they are taking so long to come to light, and that by the time we find out about them it’s usually because we’ve gone through it or we know someone who has gone through it.

Going through a 36 box of Super Plus tampons in one month. Not Normal.

Having to take a potentially harmful cocktail of prescriptions or OTC drugs. Not Normal. (Can also cause liver and kidney damage)

Being overly fatigued. Not Normal.

Having bowel issues- whether you poop too much or too little. Not Normal.

We ladies have to stick together and when it comes to female health looks like we’ll have to stick to old fashion word of mouth because you can’t always rely on your doctor. Only you know what’s normal for you.

Things that you should be on the lookout for if your period is NOT NORMAL other than a great Gyno…

Endometriosis defined by Mayo Clinic as an often painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus — the endometrium — grows outside your uterus. I had a friend that went through this and it was actually a cardiologist that diagnosed it.


Thyroid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) defined by Mayo Clinic as a condition in which your thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough of certain important hormones. Which I think is overly simplified but if you consider the role that your thyroid plays in your body… pretty important and you can definitely get it before you’re 50- so if this feels like you- get it checked out.

Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) defined by Mayo Clinic as a condition in which your thyroid gland produces too much of the hormone thyroxine. Word to the wise: just because you’re skinny doesn’t mean you are healthy.

Graves’ Disease defined by Mayo Clinic as an immune system disorder that results in the overproduction of thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism). Fun Fact: Treatment of Hypothyroidism can lead to Greaves’ Disease. Awesome.

All I’m saying Ladies’ *Oprah moment* is listen to your body. Do some research and go into your appointment already somewhat knowledged. Don’t be deterred ask for different tests or for your blood work to be done at a university linked teaching hospital. It could make all the difference.

A woman’s Guide to Dating Succesfully

6 Jul

Ladies, when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex, sometimes we are a hot mess… So I’m sharing with you some rules that have helped me and some of my friends navigate through the jungle of love.

RULE #1You will not be alone forever.

Not all guys are good enough for you. Don’t feel like you have to stay with one or find one instead of being alone. If you find your happy place alone, you will glow and that glow will attract a guy…. but always remember, you have the right to be picky.

Which brings us to…

RULE #2Being Alone Will Strengthen You and Your Strength Will Be Your Bait.

This rule has mini rules attached to it:

a. Learn/Play a sport- endorphins + self- esteem through sense of accomplishment + Being active = You 2.0

Pro: You never know who you might meet.

Not good at one? Try another. Take some dance classes or even a karate class. Maybe badminton or volleyball is more you. Maybe you want to be a derby girl. Try anything and everything. Just empower yourself.

*I’ll also include yoga in this even though it’s not a sport but you can do it in a group setting and it can be a workout, I’m just sayin’… Anything that keeps you limber and centered, can’t be wrong!

b. Get a hobby.

From restoring old furniture, to sewing, painting and drawing or something as simple as taking free courses- always stretch the boundries of your mind. Knowledge is power- get that tattooed somewhere.

c. When you learn to be by yourself, you won’t need anyone else.

The point isn’t to attach yourself to another person, it’s to be in love WITH another person. Be with someone that always makes you smile- yes arguments will happen but do you feel like less of a person when it’s over? When you’re happy being alone you won’t feel the need to run into the arms of bullshit.

Not wanting to be alone isn’t the right reason for being in a relationship. Yea, I said it- And I’ll say it again.

A man is not a safety blanket.


RULE #3-Don’t follow your friends into a marriage or kids.

I will say that some women are just not born to be mothers. Controversial, I know. Just because you have a uterus , doesn’t necessarily mean that you were meant to conceive.There are those who are clearly meant to be parents and there’s nothing wrong with that but you owe it to yourself and future offspring to know if that’s you.

My goals involve working well into my retirement, travelling the world and being free to be me… And even though they would be working adults by then- in order to make it there I would have to work long hours and sacrifice many an engagement. By putting a kid into the middle of that would be a catastrophe.

To make my point, kids are crazy expensive, which means I would just watch my dreams dissolve before my eyes, leading to my eventual resentment… and no kid needs or deserves that.

Yes, I would be a better executive than a mom (full stop)

Besides, down the road some of those marriages are going to end in divorce and ugliness and some of those kids are going to be total asses- for the rest of their lives.

 RULE #4Make mistakes

Well short of putting your coochie coo or a sex tape out for the world to see- because then there’s a point of reference out there for all to see and that can’t be good.

A good part of knowing what you want, is knowing why you want it.

I once new a girl that made the guys go gaga but she refused to date any boy in her high school. She then graduated to ‘ he has to have a car, an apartment and buy me jewelry.’ She found her ‘catch’ and he cheated on her, made her fat and stole her youth. Thankfully, her tale doesn’t end there- After travelling to lands far away and landing herself a kick ass career, she is happy and once again glowing!  And sometimes she even let’s a guy join her for a while. (Wink)

Try different types of relations and different types of guys. (responsibly- Ladies take care of yo shit and review Rule #3) Sometimes, the thing you want isn’t always the thing you thought you wanted but you only realised after you’ve tried it, that you actually wanted something different all along… You know?

The point is make mistakes but evolve and blossom in the face of your challenges- find yourself and he will find you.

And finally….


Want more for yourself.

Settle only for being happy in everything and everyone you do. (wink)

Fashion: The Modern Woman’s Trap

13 Nov

Oh ladies, what have we done?

We can give birth, juggle career and family but we have the hardest time furthering our sex. We’re long past burning bras but are we really?

I was reading The Huffington Post this morning and two articles caught my attention- One written by Hallie Seegal, called Letting It All Hang Out: How I Made Peace With My Small Boobs and the other by Robin S. Rosenberg, Women and Fashion.

Both of these women made points about women accepting their bodies for what they are, which is an idea I’ve toyed with since high school. There is a lot of talk about accepting your body and loving yourself, which is great, but then you go shopping and all of that self-confidence melts away- whether you are a straight size or a plus size, everyone goes through it at some point.

Ms. Seegal’s article about unlocking her personal freedom by unhooking her bra for good was a bit of an eye opener for me. I know that my smaller breasted friends are always complaining about their underwire digging into their rib cage and I’ve always suggested soft cub bras to them but the idea of going without… Risque, I thought. But it’s true, why not just go without?

Will we ever be comfortable with the way we are- with the way we are shaped?

There are constant images thrown at us about how our breasts should look and I’m on the other end of the spectrum. Where Hallie Seegal might have been conveyed that she didn’t have enough, I was conveyed that I had too much. Media and men are always putting emphasis on bigger breasts but apparently there is such a thing as having too much. While she might have been struggling with her bras, I was struggling with my bras and my clothes. Even though there is a huge importance on breast size, clothes are often not made for bigger ones. Problems like gaping button holes and an excess of cleavage are something that I’ve always struggled with. It’s a contradiction that women have dealt with forever and yet instead of embracing what we have and insisting that we be catered to, we instead feel the need to change ourselves to suit others perception. When will they be happy? When will we be happy and comfortable with ourselves?

Dr. Rosenberg makes a point about how the feminine ideal often means pain or discomfort or lack of functionality (i.e foot binding, heels), she also makes a point of how women are not making things better as we continue to perpetuate these forced ideals amongst ourselves and not supporting our fellow woman. Are we doing it to ourselves out of competition? How are we to know who is the Queen B if we all look equally good?

I find that more than true in my life.

Having worked in an office of 30 employees where only 2 of them were men, I can tell you that it was the most hostile environment I have ever worked in. And, the higher, more pointy toed, loudest heels often determined the pecking order in the company. Every high ranked title other than the CEO was held by women and not just women, mothers but there was no nurturing, just power bitches- ready to eat you up to prove that they had the biggest cojones. What are we teaching the newer generation of girls? Why are we doing these things to each other and making it even more of a man’s world?

And I’ve noticed this kind of thing with my own girlfriends over the years.

When I was the skinny one in my group of friends, I would stop my heavier friends from leaving the house looking like a hot mess. I even spent less time getting ready for my prom just so that I could help my heavier friend look her best for her dates prom. But now that I’m the bigger friend, I’m starting to feel like they just want me around because it makes them feel better about themselves. I don’t think that’s unique to my circumstance- it may not always be conscious but we have become more superficial thereby sabotaging each other in the process.

My mom always told me to look my best ‘because you never know who you’re going to see.’ So when I don’t have the right clothes for an occasion I sometimes refuse to go out, which makes my friends think that I’m becoming a hermit hiding away from the world. I could see how they could think that if they didn’t know me but for the last year I have been bitterly complaining about how the latest trends (i.e skinny jeans, tights, belting it, stilettos, shirt dresses) are just not for me and how I can’t find anything that really suits me. So I decided I was going to make my own clothes, screw androgyny driven trends.

I have no clothes to wear because clothes simply aren’t made for my body type (plus size, no hips and huge breasts, plump butt) and I feel very uncomfortable wearing the clothes that I have or that or supposedly made for me (Addition-Elle, MXM). This is something I’ve been trying to convey to my friends and something that they can’t seem to understand. There’s always someone that they know that is just as big as me that find clothes that fit.

But do they look fantastic and are they the same shape as me? Or do they just look good (slash) passable?

Both my size 4 and size 6 friends have very unhealthy eating habits and not just in the eating junk way but also in the fact that they go from near starving themselves to binging for a week. And why? because they want to look like some ‘star’ or their gay boyfriend told them they could stand to lose more weight. Obviously, there is a bigger psychological issue there but I really don’t think they are isolated cases. It seems that even though there was women’s lib, we are more damaged than ever before in the way we see ourselves and so to make ourselves feel better, we have to make each other feel worst.

As women, we have let ourselves be told how we should look for far too long. We have conditioned ourselves to settle and have been brainwashed into thinking that someone else knows what’s best for us. For decades trends have been recycled but there has been no taking into account that over the past few decades women’s shapes have changed. The clothes don’t reflect those wearing them.

I have problems with fashion designers because they claim it’s simply too hard to make clothes for those other than a size 6. There is such importance put on their greatness but how great can they be if they can only design for one size and one shape.

Isn’t it time we demand more ladies? Let me know what you think.


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